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Winter teased me a bit by going away and then coming back again. It's only a couple of degrees at night now, and I'm glad I didn't get around to putting away my winter coat - I will probably need it tomorrow.

Crafting is going slowly. I haven't touched the wedding cushion for a few weeks - I busy helping a workmate for her upcoming wedding. Nothing too elaborate or time consuming: just taking up the hem of her dress and making a sash out of the offcuts. The fabric is a bit flimsy, so the sash (as it will be in eyesight of everybody, as opposed to the hemline) will have to be sewn by hand. A bit tedious, but at least I can turn off my brain while doing it.

Next Thamesreach revel is costume and sewing themed, and I have a plan: I need to make new hose, and this time I want to try In Deme Jare Christi's tutorial. I should have some wool suitable for hose somewhere in the stash, and I definitely have cotton for the toile. With any luck I will have nice hose for the summer revels and events.
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I've been busy with non-medieval things lately that I'm only now allowed to talk about: H and A, two of the founders of my lindy hop group, had a combined birthday party and the secret plan was a wall hanging with quilt-squares that we would personalise. A lot of effort, and I'm glad my only contribution was a single square. Even so, due to interference from dance events and holidays, it turned out I had less than a week to get it done. I wanted to embroider something, but cotton is not great for covered work such as brickstitch or couched work since the threadcount is so high. So instead I tried out a very basic stem stitch outline of a dancing couple (i.e. H and A) filled in with Japanese sashiko type stitches.

The design was actually the tricky bit. I wanted a good outline of preferably a recogniseable lindy hop move. I didn't feel up to drawing from scratch, so I looked for a photograph to trace. But it's a very lucky photographer who'll get a dancing couple in just the perfect position. So I trawled the internet, and finally found two decent pictures to use as a guideline. Part of me wish that I had had more time to work on the design, particularly on body proportion. But I know I can be a very finicky person when it comes to personal things, and other people may not always notice what bugs me.

The party was this afternoon, in a pub by the Thames. We had delicious cakes (intentional plural!), played Aunt Sally, the DJs were playing (not swing for a change), and we all enjoyed ourselves. H and A loved the wall hanging and the other presents.

 photo HAL-15_zpssf1ticnz.jpg
My contribution

 photo HAL-15_complete_zpsipelgpss.jpg
The whole wall hanging. We even got a contribution from N and J in Australia!


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