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I’ve long been fascinated by Swedish folk art textiles and when I heard that Ystad museum had a temporary exhibition on woven cushions and wall hangings from the local area I just had to go there. The textiles dated from the 18th to the early 20th century, but they also had a few pieces showing the long tradition of these weaving types from very early on (Coptic, Viking Age, High Medieval etc). The exhibition really made me want to learn weaving! Not that I have time, nor space for a loom, but I guess you have to save some things for when you retire :-) . There is no catalogue for the exhibition – most of the items are privately owned – but the museum’s yearly publication Ystadiana deals exclusively with the exhibition. Lots of pictures, many close-ups, articles on pattern types, the weavers, how the items were used, and also a brief guide on how to weave the different types of weave that the cushions and wall hangings were made in: dukagång, halvkrabba, opphämta, krabbasnår and rölakan (“Himmelskt vackert. Vävnader från Österlen.” Ystadiana 2014).

(Comment if you want to see an image in higher resolution.)

 photo P1060352_zps59bdaae4.jpg
The exhibition consisted of five large cases, packed solid with textiles.

 photo P1060347_zps3efaeb38.jpg
Since I couldn't use the flash, you have to imagine everything just that little bit more colourful. The textiles were normally kept in chests, so they haven't been exposed to much sunlight.

 photo P1060350_zps0ab38fd2.jpg
The patterns are geometric, but also include animals and people.

 photo P1060348_zps8fd68a85.jpg
Pretty star pattern.

 photo P1060349_zps0bcfdca5.jpg
Deer, cockerels and people. And some geese in the background.

 photo P1060346_zpsa6b6da5a.jpg
All is not colour. Some of the wall hangings are white linen with parts of the weft in blue, red and grey wool.


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