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All over the internet*, I see blog posts from people getting ready for Costume College, Ffair Rhaglen, Battle of Wisby and other events, and I'm quite envious. It was almost ten years ago since last time I was living the medieval life in Visby (it was so much fun!), but perhaps next year money and time will be set aside. It feels like I haven't been to an event in ages (well, there are the monthly revels in London, but that's just for the afternoon/evening). Rhaglen is probably most likely event to go to, even if it would probably involve dependency on transport and sleeping bag space in a communal tent, as I have neither car nor tent.

Going to Visby again would be fabulous, but if I would stay at the re-enactment camp and not at the SCA camp I would have to get an almost entirely new wardrobe. All my stuff is pretty firmly early 14th century, and the re-enactment camp is solidly mid-14th century. It's only a couple of decades, but that's when a big fashion shift happened, and my clothing would be horribly old-fashioned, probably only suitable for a very pious, poor and modest old woman. That said, a mid- to late 14th century outfit has been on the Things to do-list for quite a while now, so an event could be used as a kick in the butt motivator.

*: For a given value of "all"...


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