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I'm interested in re-creation of Medieval (and earlier, and later) crafts, mainly textiles, but have plans to branch out into leather working and wood working. In the SCA, I'm known as Margrete Pedersdatter, currently hanging out in Thamesreach (= London).

The name? Well, dictionaries told me that "pärlstickare" was a medieval Swedish word for embroiderer, so I adopted it as a handle. Later on, I discovered that this was a slight mis-translation, as the word means those embroiderers who worked with rich ecclesiastical textiles, using pearls and gold. Technically, a general embroiderer would be "stickare", but since in modern Swedish this word is used for knitters, I figured I might as well keep the specialist term to avoid confusion. And who knows, maybe later I will branch out to pearl- and gold embroidery.

My other blog is , where I talk about my job as a zooarchaeologist.

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