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Due to unforeseen offers of two fully funded PhD positions, I've done no crafts for what feels like ages. I will still work on the PhD applications over Christmas (not due until the 6th January), but I have decided to find time for embroidery, no matter what.

I'm leaving tomorrow and have almost finished packing. The warm weather has made it difficult to pack: what do I bring? what do I wear when travelling? Right now it's 8°C back home: a bit too warm for the winter coat, but what if the weather turns cold after Christmas? I can't leave the coat in England, and since it's bulky I have to wear it rather than pack it in the suitcase.

I've barely worn any wool this autumn, apart from during a very brief cold snap in November (?). And tonight I found that some evil insects had got on to my merino sweater and eaten a big hole right in front... HATE!!!! So now the sweater is in the freezer, in the hope that any remaining eggs will die. Luckily nothing else in that box seems to be contaminated. And of course any advice on how to de-contaminate your wardrobe/room after insects is to wetwipe everything. Clearly not written by people who live in places with wall to wall carpets everywhere (including the bathroom). So now I'm just going for minimizing any potential future damage. All woollen yarn is already in plastic bags, but my woollen clothes are in cardboard boxes with lavender bags in them. Although that seemed not to be enough, judging from the sweater attack. Any ideas from you readers?

Trying to look on the bright side, I don't have to sit on the suitcase to close it.
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