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parlstickare ([personal profile] parlstickare) wrote2015-08-10 07:47 pm
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One done, several to go

The heraldic bunting is finally finished! Both sides of my personal arms are stitched together and the group arms are also done. Those are not embroidered, as it was way easier to appliqué the wavy fess (= horisontal band) and just embroider the laurel wreath. I like the Thamesreach arms. Simple, yet effective in evoking the association to London, i.e. the Thames bisecting the city.

 photo P1060706_2_zpstgbl8wsf.jpg
My personal arms and Thamesreach's arms

The question now is what I'll do next. I have several items on the to-do list. I could start work on a brickstitched pouch for a friend (she's naalbinding me a pair of mittens, and I think she's almost done by now) or I could start on my friends' wedding cushion. The plan is to have something to do during idle moments on a conference next month, so nothing too minute that requires really good light (thus, the shot glass griffins are not suitable). Neither project can be started straight away: I have to decide on pattern and colours for the pouch, and do the final pattern drawing and transfer the pattern of the wedding cushion. At least I have a few weeks to decide.


(Anonymous) 2015-08-16 06:16 pm (UTC)(link)
That looks lovely, Lena! Whatever you plan to do next, it will probably be equally nice. Happy stitching, Jessica