parlstickare: yellow griffin on a red field, embroidered in couched work (Griffin (Thamesreach bunting))
parlstickare ([personal profile] parlstickare) wrote2015-04-26 08:00 pm
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I've finished the upper half of the vair pattern on the bunting, and started on the lower half. Can this be finished for the July revel???? I certainly hope so, but I'm also fully aware of my hope for having it done for the March revel...

In other good news, we started the big silk painting project at the last revel. All the labours of the months, upscaled and painted on silk to be hung in front of the windows in our meeting hall. We drew the outlines of ten pictures. Next step is painting gutta on the outlines, then start the actual silk painting. I've never done silk painting before, so it will be a challenge but also very fun.