May. 5th, 2014

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Embarrassingly, I haven't done a single craft thing since Christmas. Not sure why I've had such lack of inspiration. Hopefully this will change as the evenings grow lighter and the temperature rises. However, I have other things on my mind which will have to take precedence.

But I have to start on the bunting soon: it's getting to the point of truly embarrassing. The SCA group I'm playing with have bunting with all the members' arms on. Some painted, some sewn. I'd like to say it's such a small thing it would be done in an instant, but when you decide on vair* as a background, it does mean fiddling around with lots of small pieces (on the other hand, there was no stupid conflicting with other persons' arms). I had my arms registred last year, so really, I should have done something about this a long time ago. Admittedly a lot of the wait was due to having to decide on a method: paint is easy, but textiles are my preferred medium. But I think I've got a working way of doing the vair...

*: the spell checker is not used to medievalists or heraldry and insists that I meant to write "fair".


parlstickare: geometric embroidery in bright blue, red and yellow (Default)

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