Feb. 24th, 2014

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I got the Oxbow 2014 bargain catalogue in the post the other day, and there are quite a few books that could be worth buying if you're interested in old textiles.

- War and worship. Textiles from 3rd to 4th century AD weapon deposits in Denmark and northern Germany concerns textile deposits from the bog sites of Thorsberg in Germany and Nydam, Vimose and Illerup Ådal in Denmark. The research has extracted a large amount of information allowing conclusions on status, origin, function and role in the deposits to be drawn. (£7.95)
- The Medieval broadcloth: The eight papers presented here provide a useful introduction to medieval broadcloth and an up-to-date synthesis of current research. The word broadcloth is nowadays used as an overall term for the woven textiles mass-produced and exported all over Europe, first produced in Flanders from the 11th century. As the concept of broadcloth has deriving from the written sources it cannot directly be identified in the archaeological textiles and therefore the topic of medieval broadcloth is very suitable as an interdisciplinary theme. (£7.95)
- Medieval textile and clothing 5: The fifth volume of this annual series features several articles examining the interaction of medieval romance with textiles and clothing. Other papers look at ecclesiastical attempts to restrict extravagance in secular women's dress, the use of clothing references to signal impending conflict in Icelandic sagas, the development and possible construction of the Tudor-era court headdress called the French hood, and the way Cesare Vecellio drew on both existing artwork and the Venetian image to present historical dress in his sixteenth-century treatise on costume. (£12.95)
- According to the catalogue, NESAT X is still on offer for £15, which is dead cheap considering how many articles it contains and how many time periods they span. However, the sales catalogue links to the full-price book on the website and I am not certain what price they want to sell it for...


parlstickare: geometric embroidery in bright blue, red and yellow (Default)

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