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parlstickare ([personal profile] parlstickare) wrote2016-01-20 09:32 pm
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Slowly getting back into things?

And you'd think January means a comfortable start at work, plenty of time to sit at home embroidering? Eh, I wish... I have a deadline for a grant at the end of the month, so I've been busy writing and re-writing. Also, since the house is heated with electric storage heaters, there is only residual heat in the evenings and nights, so it gets a bit chilly now when it's around 0°C outside. I find it a bit more tempting to huddle up in bed with a good book or two than sit embroidering. On the other hand, compared to houses I've lived in before that had a timer for heating and were freezing when you had to get up (obviously to save money we only had the heating on for the few hours in the evening when we all were in the house, meaning that the heat never got into the walls of the house and heated it properly), it feels like utmost luxury to have a warm room to get out of bed in.

Although, seriously: can we be done with winter now? A day temperature of +10°C would be nice.

I think the only major thing I've done "craft"-wise is to add my friend Eva's costume blog to the reading page. As usual when it's a website with no feed-button, it took me ages to find out the rss for it (in Firefox: Tools -> Web developer -> Page source. search for rss). But now it's there so I can keep up to date with her latest things without much effort.